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UCLA Intergroup Dialogue Program

Intergroup Dialogue offers an academic year-long peer diversity education & leadership paid internship program for UCLA undergraduate and graduate students. IGD Diversity Peer Leader (DPL) receive intensive training in intergroup dialogue facilitation, leadership skills, and conflict resolution. The skills and knowledge gained are then applied (a) in the facilitation of workshops and dialogues focused on issues of diversity for UCLA community members, and (b) in the planning and implementation of social media and art initiatives or other events that creatively address diversity and social justice issues at UCLA.

Collectively, as a group of highly skilled students from diverse identities themselves, DPLs play a critical role in leading the conversations on campus that raise awareness of the great diversity among UCLA students in regards to their multiple social identities, their experiences with privilege and oppression, their issues and concerns, and perspectives on diversity and social justice issues.

Some of the programs and events that IGD Diversity Peer Leaders have the opportunity to be involved with include:

  • Facilitating drop in dialogues regarding topics such as inclusive language, mental health within the LGBTQ+ community, and graduate student life.
  • Leading workshops on identity, cultural communication and conflict management for: SOLE, Greek Life, First Year Experience and so forth.
  • Initiating co-facilitated sustained dialogues to address campus climate issues and raise awareness of social injustices such as toxic masculinity, lack of mental health resources, and first-generation student experiences.

Meet the Diversity Peer Leaders